• Visual Arts

Chale Wote street festival.Accra,Ghana.2015

Constitution Hill.2014.
Media-Mirors,plants,flood lights.

When we are young we do not look into mirrors.It is when we are old,concerned with our name,our legend,what our lives will mean to the future.We become vain with the names we own,our claims to have been the first eyes,the strongest army,the cleverest merchant. It is when he is old that Narcussus wants a graven image of himself.However we are interested in how our lives could mean something to the past.We sail into the past,we know power and great finance are temporarily things.

Ithuba Art Gallery.2014.
Media – Thread,nails,mirrors

Studio X, GSAPP.Columbia University Residency.Johannesburg,South Africa.2013/2014.
Media- Mixed media

Building on the exploration at The MacDowell Colony in 2013, “What It Is” is an in-situ installation that explores the connections and borders that people create.
It also probes more subterranean landscapes, in which memories are stored, hidden and repressed. Within these terrains, temporality is re-worked against mathematical abstraction and mechanization, to mark the passage of time, such day-to-day life congeals with longer historical periods.

It also wonders about the consequences of human intervention so deep into the earth. All the city structure we see are there as a consequence structure we built underground. In which we send people to excavate the riches for us.

People who have become disconnected from their families at home.
Who bring their hopes, dreams, memories, sadness, sweat, songs, fears and tears into the earth.
How much of this emotional footprint can the earth absorb, when will it be saturated decide its had enough?

The ‘RIOT’Constitutional Hill,Johannesburg.South Africa. 2014.

MacDowell Colony

Freedom to create

“What It Is”

A project developed at The MacDowell Colony 2013.It focuses on the connections and borders that we create.The Corners to hide in ,the prison that needs to be clean in order to store memories.

Materials used:

Designer.Thando Lobese
MacDowell Colony 2013
New Hampshire,NY

MacDowell Colony 2013
New Hampshire,NY
Media – Thread