• Theatre

Blind mass Ochestra
Composer .Joäo Renato Orecchia Züniga
Costumes.Noluthando Lobese – Moropa


Choreographer.Sonia Thandazile Radebe
Costume/Props Designer.Noluthando Lobese – Moropa
Set/lighting.Wilhelm Disbergen


Gone Native

Director: Makhaola Ndebele
Set/Costumes/Props : Noluthando Lobese – Moropa
Lighting designer : Mandla Mtshali
Soweto Theatre

Big City Big Dreams

Director.Fiona Ramsey
Choreograohers.Shannon Glover(Joburg Ballet).Lulu Mlangeni(VDT),Sunnyboy ( Moving Into Dance)
Costume Designer.Noluthando Lobese – Moropa
Set/Lighting.Wilhelm Disbergen
Joburg Theatre

The Man Jesus

Director.Robert Whitehead
Set/Costumes/Props design.Noluthando Lobese – Moropa
Lighting design.Mandla Mtshali
The Market Theatre


Director.Makhaola Siyanda Ndebele
Stage design.Noluthando Lobese
The Barney Simon Theatre.
The Market Theatre


Director.Khayelihle Dominique Gamede
Costume design.Noluthando Lobese
Stage design.Nadya Cohen
Lx design.Nomvula Molepo
Choreography.Nhlanhla Mahlangu

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Director: Neil Coppen
Costumes: Noluthando Lobese
Lx: Tina Le Roux
Choreographer: Daniel Buckland
National Tour

Pale Natives by Paul Slabolepszy

Director: Bobby Heaney
Set/Costumes/Props: Noluthando Lobese
Lx: Nomvula Molepo
Period 1994 ( Club house)
The Market Theatre.John Kani Theatre

Cooking With Elisa

Director: Princess Zinzi Mhlongo
Set/Costumes/Props: Noluthando Lobese
Lx: Mandla Mtshali
on the square.johannesburg,South africa.2014
grahamstown national arts festival.2014

Colored Museum by George C.Wolfe

Director: James Ngcobo
Costumes: Noluthando Lobese
Set: Nadya Cohen
Lx: Oliver Hauser
The Market Theatre.Johannesburg,South Africa 2014


Unknown abandoned museum,with extras creating the world which consists of different exhibits.
Scenery inspired by Museum pillars. Plastic around is an inspiration from a construction site and both these worlds came together.While the extras rebuild the abandoned space. Costumes inspired by the Reptiles.

Director: Princess Zinzi Mhlongo
Set/Props/Costumes/Make-up: Noluthando Lobese
Lx: Mandla Mtshali
Grahamstown Festival.Eastern Cape.South Africa.Salzburg, Young Directors Festival.Austria.2012.

The Fairy Queen (Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Director: Robert Lehmeier (Germany,Berlin)
Costumes: Noluthando Lobese
Lx: Micheal Maxwell
Cape Town and Johannesburg.South Africa.2012.

Woza Albert by Percy Mtwa,Mbongeni Ngema and Barney Simon

What will happenn to South Africa If Jesus came back during apartheid?

Director: Prince Lamla
Costumes/Props: Noluthando Lobese
Set: Nduka Mntambo
Lx: Wesley France
The Market Theatre.Johannesburg.South Africa.2011/12
Swaziland,Bushfire.Edinburgh,UK.Johannesburg.South Africa.2012.


Chant challenges the manipulation of Nature,The use of Technology,Religion,Tradition ,Politics and Power to a point where our space and time are crippled.Pipes around waist inspired by Ndebele Culture (Colourful beaded accessories)Ubuhlalu bekhalo.
Choreographer: Nhlanhla Mahlangu
Design Installation: Noluthando Lobese
Amsterdam,Europe.Dance Umbrella.Johannesburg.South Africa.2012.

And The Girls In Their Sunday Dresses by Zakes Mda

Rice factory and waiting on queue for days to buy rice.The Lady is a well educated prostitute has brought a chair with her.The woman a fiery domestic worker has brought her self lunch.The two become interdependant.
Director: Princess Zinzi Mhlongo
Set/Costumes: Noluthando Lobese
Lx: Nomvula Molepo
The Market Theatre.Johannesburg.South Africa.2010.
Edinburgh Fringe festival.Amsterdam.2012.

Songs of Migration by Hugh Masekela and James Ngcobo

Musical Tribute to the great songs of migrants across the African continent.
Migration is always the result of social and political upheavel,poverty,war and colonialism.As people moved to the cities they brought with them their culture,their mannerisms and their longing for a better life.It is fertile ground for political theatre as relevant today as it ever was.Hugh Masekela.
Director: James Ngcobo
Set/Props/Costumes: Noluthando Lobese
Lx: Wesley France
The Market Theatre.Johannesburg.South Africa.2010.
Amsterdam.UK.Switzerland,Basil.Washington Dc.2012

Thirst / Water Carriers by Pelen Baldini

The play follows the fortunes and misfortunes of three water carriers who come from a village that has run out of water.They are sent on a long and eventful journey to find the source of the dried out river,meeting a number of mysterious characters,riedles and provocative along the way.
Director: James Ngcobo
Costumes: Noluthando Lobese
Set/Props: Nadya Cohen
Lx: Wesley France
The Market Theatre.Johannesburg.South Africa.2009.
Amsterdam.MC.UK.Cardiff.Albany(Afrovibes festival)2012.